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May 1949 Ehime University was officially established, as an amalgamation of Matsuyama National High School, Ehime Prefectural Teachers School, Ehime Prefectural Youth Teachers School, and Ehime Prefectural Niihama Technical School. The Ehime University Library (Main Library), the Educational Library, and the Engineering Library were also established.
March 1964 Ehime University Library (Main Library) built.
November 1968 Agricultural Library built.
March 1978 Medical Library built.
April 1983 The library information system was started.
February 1988 Library computer system was installed.
March 1988 The library information system was connected with the National Center for Science Information Systems (NACSIS).
August 1995 The Library Home Page was set up.
October 1996 Touring Haiku Monuments in Matsuyama was published on the Web.
October 2000 The Society for Digital Content Research was established.
October 2001 The Saijoshi Manuscripts were published on CD-ROM, and on the Web.

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