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Outline of Ehime University Library 2002/2003

* Cover
# Three Memorial Trees in front of the Library Hippocrates' Plane Tree Confucious' Jie Tree Newton's Apple Tree
* History
* Directors
* Organization
* Facilities   Main Library  Medical Library  Agricultural Library
*Library Materials
***Library Holdings Aquisitions
Collections Individual and Memorial Collections Large Collections
Rare Books Others items classifiable as Rare Books
* The Library Information Systems
* Home Page
***The Concept of Scientific Information Circulation
 Library HoursOpen Days & Number of Visitors
 Circulation Loan Policies Volumes(Loan) Number of loans (Loan)
 Inter Library Loans Books Photocopies
 Electronic JournalsInformation Retrieval
* Other Activities
* Members of Library Committee
* Addresses, Phone Numbers, Locations
* Back Cover

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